The 18 Most Annoying Golf Partners

This pretty much nails it for annoying golfers. My style is to go out and play the game to the best of my abilities and no chatting, distractions and advise from the guys. Don’t need it thanks, I got a coach.

1. Unsolicited Swing Advice Guy

Defining characteristics: Knows exactly how to fix your swing even though you didn’t ask. Employs a vast array of swing jargon that only confuses you further. Favorite expression: “Wait, try this!

Gosh, we’ve all played with #13, The Delusional Guy… convinced he can get home in two on a par 5. Usually gets there in four. #17, The Cheat… Favorite expression: “Better to be lucky than good!” and my favorite, #7, The Frat Boy. If you got to get your drink on, do it at the bowling alley.

For more, and you know who they are, annoying golf partners: Golf Digest – 18 Annoying Golf Partners


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