User Support Editorial Report – December 2011

Latest Technology 

New Tiny Circuit:

Researchers have developed one of the smallest electronic circuits, which could pave the way for smaller and more powerful mobile devices.

Scientific teams from McGill University and Sandia National Laboratories said they’ve built a circuit that has two wires that are separated by the distance of 150 atoms. The circuits are built at a 15 nanometer level. Read on

Tips & Tricks

Mail Merge Made Easy
12 Handy Tips for Windows 7
Connect iPhone or iPad to Your TV
40+ Cool Features of Microsoft Outlook 2010
12 Free Ways to Get Ready For the Winter Holidays
What Makes a Windows Computer Reboot on its Own?
Add Facebook and Twitter Icons to Your Email Signature

Bonus Video of the Month

Wizards in Winter:

More videos from West Seattle Lights

Computer Safety

Risks to Watch For When Downloading & Installing Free Software:

You really can’t be too careful when you’re researching and installing new software. In this article we’re going to use what we’ve learned about finding new screen savers as an example of the risks any new unknown software can pose to your system, and the methods we used to minimize those dangers. Read on

Quick Links

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