2011 Review in Pretty Pictures & Fun Videos

Happy New Year! And with that comes all the story’s of 2011.

How about some Pretty Space pictures to look at for 2011? I found The Year in Volcanic Activity interesting and the San Diego Union Tribune did a good job on their 2011 Year In Review photos. (the music is nice, but the pictures fly by quickly so you may have to re-watch. Nice pics of Diego)

Get past the alleged “Cleverbot” video from Cosmic Log and check out the other  “must-see” science videos. One of my favorites is  “A Day Made of Glass,” which depicts Corning’s vision for a glassy future. (sneak peak below)

Of course the posting wouldn’t be complete without tossing in A Look Back at the Year, in pictures by tom’s hardware. (see how easy I am making this? Just having to stare at pictures, oooo, aaahhhh)

Staying on the geek theme, lifehacker has their Best of lifehacker 2011, and for the Android users out there, here is the top 30 Android Apps for 2011.

Sure, the Resolutions have come out and I only have two to share with you.

1. 5 Business Tech Resolutions for 2012 (As the article states: You can scramble to keep up with technology, or you can use technology to give your business a strategic advantage over your rivals.)

2. Food52’s goals for 2012 (Yes, that’s a food blog. We all have to eat, right? Plus they have amazing articles, videos and recipes)

That’s all I’ve got. Besides my simple resolution to not take it all so seriously and enjoy the moments.

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