Defective HP Pavilion Elite Desktop – Court Ordered Motherboard Replacment

On the small chance that a few of you have a HPncrap Pavilion Elite Desktop, please note * There is a court-approved class action settlement and you get a new motherboard.

Pursuant to a court-approved class action settlement, HP is implementing a 90-day Limited Warranty Service Enhancement Program (“LWSEP”) for owners of HP Pavilion Elite Desktop Model Numbers e9150t, e9180f, e9180t, m9600t, m9650f, e9280f, e9280t, and e9290f that were purchased, leased, received as a gift or otherwise acquired in the United States (the “Program Models”). During the LWSEP, owners of the Program Models whose original HP Limited Warranty has expired and who have experienced or who, during the LWSEP period, experience a Lockup Failure or Blue Screen Failure (both of which are defined below) can receive, at no cost to them, a motherboard replacement by contacting HP on or before March 1, 2012. Owners whose Program Model is still covered by HP’s Limited Warranty can receive any necessary repair (including any necessary motherboard replacement) free of charge pursuant to that warranty.

Thanks to The Ed Bott Report for the heads up!


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