Butterflies, Garden of Life & Insects – Windows 7 Themes

What is it with me and these Windows 7 themes? From Holiday, Candlelight, Surfing and Sailing, Castles and Ducati, I just like pretty background pictures on my desktop. Right now, I’ve got Nemo staring me in the face. (Tropical Fish theme)

Yes, I do like the Windows 7 themes. And here are a few more that I am ready to add to my collection:

Butterflies Theme:

Better than a butterfly-hunting expedition, this theme suspends these exquisite insects in time and space to give you a closer look at their delicate beauty.

via Butterflies theme – Microsoft Windows

Garden Life Theme:

Beautifully lit close-ups of bees, flowers, ladybugs, and dragonflies fill the frame of Canadian photographer Hayley Elizabeth.

Click to download theme

via Garden of Life theme – Microsoft Windows

Insects Dynamic Theme:

Captured in their native habitat by members of the community, these elegant dragonflies, graceful butterflies, adorable lady bugs, and other insects are a wonder to behold. This theme updates automatically through an RSS feed. (More info on dynamic themes.)

Click to download theme

via Insects Dynamic theme – Microsoft Windows

Get a bit of spring buzz on your desktop with these themes today. Oh, and it is FREE!


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