User Support Editorial Report – January 2012

Latest Technology

Printed, Flexible Computer Circuit:

Researchers at PARC and Thinfilm Electronics have finally managed to print — as in, using a printer that is similar to the one attached to your computer — a computer circuit consisting of transistors and memory. Dubbed Thinfilm Addressable Memory, the new device marries Thinfilm’s printed memory technology and PARC’s printed transistors to create an honest-to-Moore CMOS circuit. Read on


Tips & Tricks


How to Buy a Tablet
Beginners Guide to Windows 7
New WORD Calendars for 2012
Change Default Line Spacing in WORD
Troubleshoot Problems with PDF Files
Ten Tricks for Windows 7 Power Users
Personalize Your PC – Desktop Backgrounds

Computer Safety

MAC Threats 2011:

Security specialist F-Secure says that it discovered “several dozen new Mac threats” last year. According to a report from the company’s Threat Research team, there were almost 60 new threats to Mac OS X from April to December 2011; these included backdoors, trojans, rogue anti-virus apps and other types of malware. While the company says that amount is very low when compared to malware on Windows, it notes that “it’s definitely something when compared to the number of Mac threats seen prior to 2011”. Read on

Bonus Video of the Month

Hands-on with Mercedes-Benz DICE:

Mercedes-Benz is rolling the DICE on their hand gestured car. DICE = Dynamic and Intuitive Control Experience (We do not make this stuff up)

The car’s technology utilizes a series of proximity sensors to detect arm and hand movements, which control everything from music, navigation and social functionality to a heads-up display that comprises the entire windshield.

User Support Editorial Report – December 2011


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