How to Buy a Wedge

Was out on the course the other day and said to my golf buddy, I need a new wedge.

I carry a 60 degree standard, 56 degree with a low bounce,  a 52 degree standard and a pitching wedge. Yes, the 56 degree is a low bounce. (for tight lies, fairway shots, and tight, compacted sand)

Since my 60 degree is my “go to” wedge for most of my chip shots, and while looking at the clubface I noted that it was slick and had lost its groove, it was the logical one to replace. But the question was, do I use the same degree or bounce? Having the right wedge(s) is critical to my short game.

Let’s take a look at the smart tips:

What is the LOFT:

The loft of the club is measured in degrees and is the angle of the clubface. Choose wedge lofts that will help you hit it closer to the pin from your most common approach yardages. As you build your wedge makeup, ideally you will have a 4 to 5° of difference in loft between each one. Here’s a rundown on the typical wedge lofts.

Pitching Wedge: 46 to 48°

Approach Wedge/Gap Wedge: 51 to 53°

Sand Wedge: 54 to 58°

Lob Wedge: 58 to 60°

What is BOUNCE:

Bounce is the angle of the sole to the ground. Wedges with a higher bounce angle perform better out of the fluffy sand or high grass. A lower bounce wedge will perform better on courses with tight lies and thin bunker beds. Match the bounce recommendations below with the course conditions you encounter most:

High Bounce (above 14°) for tall grass, deep rough, and fluffy sand

Standard bounce (10°-14°) for normal to soft conditions or those who leave shallow divots.

Low bounce (0-10°) for tight lies, fairway shots, and tight, compacted sand.


Wedges come in a variety of finishes including polished chrome, satin, black/gunmetal and raw. All finishes wear slightly over time and you should choose the one that sets up best to your eye at address. The only finish with performance benefits is the raw finish which will rust over time and helps add spin.

My golf buddy just happened to have a brand new Cleveland CG15 Tour Zip 58 degree that she just picked up. Thanks Mel! I needed that.

Next I will be looking at replacing the 56 degree wedge with a Cleveland 588 Chrome wedge, just because it’s PRETTY!


via Golfsmith

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