Create Outlook Items in OneNote

My favorite app of the year, (so far) is OneNote for Android. Yes, it is available for the iPhone too. (User reviews are average, 3.5, but it really is much better than other note taking apps)

Setting up OneNote 2010 on your PC is straightforward and just requires a few quick steps. Be sure you sign up for a Windows Live ID first if you don’t have one. After you install the app, you are required to log in to your Windows Live account. Sign in with your Windows Live ID  to access the “cloud” based OneNote via your Droid or iPhone.

And there you go and there you have it! Access to notes on the web, on your phone and on your PC.

Yes, I know I make it sound really simple, but it is. Here are some helpful links:

I wanted to set an alarm on my notes to remind me of important things, like when to shop or when to golf. On your PC, highlight any notes, links, pictures, etc that you have taken in OneNote. Then, Right Click on the notes, picture, etc. Scroll down to Outlook Tasks and set a flag. Right Click on the flag again and you can set the task options. Nice!


via Microsoft Office

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