Open Up To Fix Your Slice

I have been struggling with my driver, for no particular reason. I use to stripe it and when I do, it goes 230+ yards. (Not too shabby for an amateur)

Seriously, though. I have absolutely no idea why I can’t just pick up the driver and hit it like my wedge or 7 wood. It’s just flat out all over the place. Yet, I keep trying to figure it out. So, how about a tip of the day for all of you that slice it.

Here’s a drill to help you start the club back straighter and shallow out your downswing. Set up in a dramatically open stance, with your feet aimed 30 or 40 degrees left of the target. Then swing back along your stance line. This will prevent you from pulling the club to the inside and will create a wider arc. You’ll get into a lower, flatter position at the top (below).

On the downswing, the only way to swing toward the target is to feel as if you’re pushing the club way out to the right. Another good feel is that your right shoulder stays low; most slicers get the right shoulder too high on the downswing.

These moves will feel awkward at first, because you’re reversing the shape of your swing, so start at 70 percent speed. Work your way back to a square stance or stay open. Lee Trevino set up extremely open, and he was one of the best ball-strikers ever.

Thanks Jim!

Jim McLean: Open Up To Fix Your Slice: Golf Digest.

2 Responses to “Open Up To Fix Your Slice”

  1. Ron Celano Says:

    This may work for some people, but I suggest learning the proper way to swing a golf club and the driver will fall into place.

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