User Support Editorial Report – March 2012

Latest Technology

Printed Stickers Designed to Monitor Food Temperatures:

A plastic temperature-recording sticker that could provide detailed histories of crates of food or bottles of vaccine would be the first to use all-printed electronics components—including memory, logic, and even the battery. Read on


Tips & Tricks


6 Tips to Save Time With Outlook
File and Folders Organization Tips
Free 15 Minute Webinars
Combine Multiple PDFs Into One File
How to Delete Unwanted Files and Programs
How to Cut and Paste Without Messing Up Formatting
Sync Your Desktop Between Computers with Dropbox

Computer Safety

New Digital Spam: How Bad Guys Try to Trick You; How to Avoid the Traps:

Like Whack-a-Mole, new forms of digital spam pop up faster than security software can knock them down–and the problem is just getting worse. In fact, according to search engine newcomer Blekko, 1 million new spam pages are created every hour.

What’s happening online is not only annoying and a waste of time, but also sometimes injurious and costly.

Here are some of the latest forms of digital spam, together with some steps you can take to avoid them. Read on

Bonus Video of the Month

The Scale Of The Universe:

This video shows you the scale of the universe. Take the 5 minutes to watch it. Hopefully it puts the bigger picture in perspective for you.

User Support Editorial Report – January 2011


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