Before You Post at the Clubhouse

After a beautiful day at Encinitas Ranch, the last thing we did was post our round. It’s our way of acknowledging the good, bad or ugly round we had. We talk about those special shots, long birdie putts, and great drives.

I use to take for granted whatever score I posted on the clubhouse computer would accurately reflect my round and adjust my handicap appropriately. However, I do play from the WHITES on some courses and know that most clubhouse computers are not listing women’s tees.

Today’s clubhouse computer indicated 4 posting choices, no women’s whites. In fact, if you login to the website (GHIN number/last name) to post online, there isn’t a women’s white tee specified there either.

Before you play that next round and errantly punch numbers in to that clubhouse computer, visit USGA’s COURSE RATING AND SLOPE DATABASE. Enter your club name, city and state and search for results.

Here you can find what the USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating for the tees you are playing.

Finally, women’s white tees! 73.9 USGA course rating/127 Slope rating.

Now I can manually post my round correctly:


One Response to “Before You Post at the Clubhouse”

  1. Annie B. Says:

    Here is a comment from EWGA: When you entered your ghin number, the system automatically knew to rate you on the women’s tees. The course computer is confusing and it’s good that you questioned it.

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