User Support Editorial Report – July 2012

Latest Technology

Bio-Retinal Implant:

A new bionic eye implant could allow blind people to recognize faces, watch TV and even read. Nano Retina’s Bio-Retina is one of two recent attempts to help patients with age-related macular degeneration, which affects 1.5 million people in the U.S. Read on


Tips & Tricks


Universal Submit Button
Playing Music on a Kindle Reader
“Getting Started Guides” by Microsoft
10 Must-Have Utilities for Small Networks
E-Mail Etiquette: Tips for Home and Work
Make Your Laptop Choose a Wired Connection Instead of Wireless

Computer Safety

Change Your Passwords:

Several high-profile companies recently reported that user passwords had been stolen from their sites. (eHarmony,, LinkedIn, Yahoo just to name a few)

If you use these sites you should login and change your password. Even if you don’t use these sites, it’s a good idea to regularly change your passwords. Read on

Bonus Video of the Month

Welcome to the Rest of Our Lives:

This video shows the extreme weather and climate coverage from the last couple months that provides an ideal overview for anyone who hasn’t been keeping track.

User Support Editorial Report – March 2012


2 Responses to “User Support Editorial Report – July 2012”

  1. Angelic Says:

    Can’t view the video. Is that because I’m on my iPhone? Can u email me the link plz?

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