Office 2013 Released for Your Review

Microsoft unveiled the customer preview of the new Microsoft Office, available at The next release features an intuitive design that works beautifully with touch, stylus, mouse or keyboard across new Windows devices, including tablets. The new Office is social and unlocks modern scenarios in reading, note-taking, meetings and communications and will be delivered to subscribers through a cloud service that is always up to date.

Whoa, wait a minute. They want me to sign up for Office 365 first. Well, I already have that, on two different accounts.

Found the standalone MSI-based installation package. (Please note the traditional installation does not support fast streaming or side-by-side operation with older versions of Office, and you will need to uninstall existing Office programs on your PC)

You will need to sign in with your Windows LIVE ID and fill out an online form in order to download it.

Download the MSI-based package here


2 Responses to “Office 2013 Released for Your Review”

  1. Jason Brooks Says:

    Running the beta myself, me likey! Did the MSI version….

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