User Support Editorial Report – September 2012

Latest Technology

A Phone Good to 2027 on One Charge:

SpareOne emergency phone from Xpal Power, which uses a standard AA lithium battery, claims a standby time of up to 15 years. Read on


Tips & Tricks


Speed Up Your PC
Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS
Guides for Office 2010 and Windows 7
2 Cool Sites for Gadgets & Electronics Manuals
Setup an iTunes Library on an External Hard Drive
Master EXCEL Skills with This Video Training Series
How-To Cut and Paste without Messing Up Formatting

Computer Safety

How-To Prevent Spyware:

Spyware and other unwanted software can:

  • Invade your privacy
  • Bombard you with pop-up windows
  • Slow down your computer
  • Make your computer crash

Here are several ways you can help protect your computer against spyware and other unwanted software.

Read on

Bonus Video of the Month

Telepresence Robot:

Double Robotics, a Mountain View-based company, has invented a new type of telepresence robot that is half robot, half iPad.

The Double, as the company calls it, looks like an ultra-simple robot that can navigate a far-off place through two iPads. One acts as the robot’s eyes and ears, and the other controls it through an iPad application.

User Support Editorial Report – July 2012


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