HP’s Smartphone

In her interview with FOX Business News last week, HP CEO Meg Whitman said HP needs to “take advantage” of the smartphone form factor since HP is a computing company, and in many countries, smartphones are people’s primary computing device. She did not give any details as to when an HP device would hit the market, but said her mantra for the company is “better right than faster,” focusing on fine-tuning a complete product rather than rushing into the crowded space.

Seriously Meg? Really?! Try on, “always wrong and too late.”

Don’t you remember you sold off your WebOS division a year ago, “in an effort to recoup some of the money the company spent purchasing Palm.”

Put more focus on the quality of all your products, and give your website a useful makeover that makes finding technical support and parts easier. As if any of that matters to you or the stockholders.

HP will cut 29,000 jobs…. “simplify business processes, accelerate innovation and deliver better results for customers, employees and stockholders.” HP decline.

via TechNewsWorld

Wikipedia WebOS


Meg Whitman, Hewlett-Packard’s chief executive, beat up her company on Wednesday.

Ms. Whitman told a meeting of Wall Street analysts that they should expect sharply lower revenue and profits. She also told them not to expect the company to fully right itself before 2016. “We have much more work to do,” she said. Read on


One Response to “HP’s Smartphone”

  1. supermanknows Says:

    Seriously Meg? Really? Why not stick to one idea. Oh, “Lets make All-In One’s” OOPS! Lets fire thousands of people. OOPS! Lets make “Smartphones”?? Big OOPS! Meg, quit trying to tear up the foundation and fix the structure! I kiss the ground every morning in gratitude that Meg is NOT in charge of the State of California!

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