Has Microsoft Floated to the Surface?

I am just not sure I get it. Excuse me for a moment while I clear my thoughts.

Microsoft is jumping into the tablet market in ten days and I just can’t help but think, “will it float to the surface?”

Here is 3 simple reasons why:

1. They are building the device themselves. Sure, they have a hit with the Xbox console, which has been out on the market forever, but who do you know that has a Windows Phone… or a Zune?

2. It’s NOT an iPad so why are you pricing it the same as an iPad – Starting at $499 for the 32GB version without Touch Cover and a 32GB version with the Touch Cover for $599. Microsoft is also offering 64GB model for $699 with a Touch Cover included. (cost an additional $119 for a Touch “keyboard” cover, which you want, don’t you think? The matching cover…keyboard) (via the Verge)

3. Windows 8 and no apps. As of the beginning of October, there is no Facebook app; no Twitter app; no YouTube app; no CNN app; no IMDB app; no Dropbox app;  no Hulu app; no ESPN app; no MLB at Bat app. There are no YouTube, Google Maps, or Gmail apps. Can you say oopsie?!

Not really sure why I would volunteer to be that test monkey for their new tablet. I mean, it’s a tablet for Pete’s sake! We are going to read with it, check our emails and surf around the net. Can you price your product as though it is an iPad when this is your sloppy specifications? (From Microsoft’s website, here’s the download spec sheet link) Seriously?! Really?!

Now, let’s just take a quick look at Apple’s iPad tech specs… Go on, click the link. (be sure to click on their Technical Specifications and/or Open link when you get on the Apple web page) We’ll wait whilst you peruse the Size, Weight, Storage, Display, Chip, Camera, Battery, Input/Output, Audio, Video, Built-in Apps, etc…

It’s OK, we’ve got a few minutes here while you finish up.

I am a PC not a MAC, but it is lame not to have full specs on your product. Or apps that actually make your device useful.

Let me quote ThinkGeek:

Since I have a Microsoft store down the street, I think it is only fair for me to go in there on October 26th and get some pics and report back. Stay tuned!

Can the Windows Store possibly be ready by Oct. 26? via PCWorld

UPDATE as of October 16th at 9:00am: Microsoft has posted the TECHNICAL SPECS! (And you can Pre-Order Now)


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