Windows 8: The First 24 Hours

Launch Event for Surface Tablet (Windows 8)

I went to the Microsoft Store on Friday, found 70-85 people in line to “buy” the Surface tablet.

I was standing in that line too, until a Microsoft employee walked by and said “you don’t need to stand in line if you just want to check out the new tablet.”

Makes me wonder how many other people didn’t know that either.


Installing Windows 8

Installing Windows 8  reminded me of a long par 5. You’ve got 235 yards left to the green, 175 years to clear the water. You wonder what you are going to do, trying to make the right decision, whether to layup or take a hybrid out and take your chances. Wind direction, how’s the lie, where’s my bailout area.

After the clicking the download,  it checked my system (as I previously posted) then I clicked Next.

Went through the credit card gambit and 5 minutes later, the process began.  Download took 15 minutes. (Even with a 29.81Mbps download speed)

After that, you just let it cook, reboot, install. From start to finish, 1.5 hours. I’d rather would have been on that par 5.

The good news is, everything came over, all my apps, files, data, etc…, just had to put in a few passwords here and there. Yes, the install went rather well.

We May Not Need Badges, But We Do Need a Start Button

Fiddled around with the TILES and did my usual tweaking. I gave up trying to figure out the desktop without a START BUTTON. I don’t want to use Windows 8 without one. Head on over to STARDOCK and snag it. It’s worth the $5.00.

Oh and Bauer, you heard me say it here, I really rather like the LIVE TILES on the other start up screen in Windows 8.

Please stay tuned for Windows 8 – Tip of the Week posts!


One Response to “Windows 8: The First 24 Hours”

  1. Batman Says:

    You are funny. You knew I’d be by to see what your outcome was. I feel like the tiles are just a way to clutter up my view, have things running all the time and the default tiles to try to convince me to use other MS services that blow. I’ll be installing windows 8 in a vm just so i can have it for reference. I’m using win7 about 50% of the time, ubuntu 12.04 about 30 and xubuntu about 20. I’ll let you know about my win8 experience.

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