Windows 8: The Last Day

I pulled Windows 8 out of production this weekend. This coming from someone who put Vista into production. (Vista, an Unwelcome Guest)

I really tried to work with Windows 8, but it just doesn’t work as an upgrade on my system setup.

  1. The START8 button would freeze up (3rd party Start button since we imagine we don’t need a Start button)
  2. Outlook 2010 would freeze and need to be restarted. (Not supported on Windows 8 RT)
  3. Annoying blotches of pixelation on one of my monitors.
  4. Microsoft’s People/Messenging app is a failure and there is no 3rd party app to replace it.
  5. Lack of apps. Spent hours looking through the store and only found a handful that were of interest or of any use.

I guess there was no way to know all of this when running the preview in a virtual environment and not really having it in production.

Yes, I really wanted to jump on board, but conclude that Windows 8 is a “cut to code: FAIL” at this time and will be reviewed next year with the first Service Pack release of Windows 8 and not a day sooner.


2 Responses to “Windows 8: The Last Day”

  1. techsupport Says:

    Thank you for being the “test monkey” on that O/S! And, as we have all concluded.. Its was a CUT THE CODE: FAIL!

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