Tech Resolutions and More

We don’t want malware, trojans, scareware, crapware or spamware. We just want safer, more reliable and secure computing for 2013, right?!

So, what are we going to do differently?  Time to get a game plan and make your tech resolutions today.

Tech Resolutions

1. Check your backup procedure: Backup solutions are not a “set it and forget it” process. You definitely need to verify the process is still working and that the destinations drive is functioning. And if you don’t have a backup procedure in place, do it now, please. (SyncBack FREE V6, can be used to automate backups to an external drive and Mozy is great for online backups)

2. Maintenance your computers: Just like your car needs an oil change and new tires, your computer needs maintenance too. Hire an IT Pro to come in every 3-6 months and clean out temp files, patch it, updated it, stop unwanted startup programs, check the antivirus and backup process. We all depend way too much on our computers to not be proactive and make sure they are in working order.

3. Check your anti-virus software program: Make sure it is up to date, that it is scanning weekly. Microsoft Security Essentials is my recommended product. It is available to small businesses on up to 10 PCs for FREE!

4. Change passwords: When was the last time you changed your bank logon ID? Yea…that’s what I thought. Let’s get that changed today. And for Pete’s sake, let’s use a better password.

5. Replace those power strips with “one” Power Surge protector. Power strips are great for plugging in lamps, speakers, pencil sharpeners, but not your modems, routers, backup drives, computers, etc. (APC  or Belkin Pivot Plug)

6. Clean it: Clear off old icons, files, folders and crap from your computer desktop. Put those files and folders in your Documents folder where they belong. I regard my computer desktop as an “inbox”, not a junk drawer.

Dual Monitors (Windows 7 Bullet Asylum theme)

Also, wipe down your mouse and keyboard. Bust out the dust inside your computer with a can of air. (Or have the IT Pro do it)

7. Organize and keep your computer software all in one place and easily accessible.

8. Inventory your computer hardware for insurance purposes.

9. Establish one location, one notebook, one folder, whatever it may be, for all your User ID’s, login passwords, email passwords, router settings and anything to do with computing.

10. Now go have a Happy New Year!

These simple steps will definitely provide you a better tech year. Best of luck with your other resolutions too.

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