Upgrade to Windows 7 Now

We recommend that you begin planning to update your outdated and legacy Windows XP/Vista computers, regardless if those computers are still working.

Microsoft announced that 2014 will be the official end-of-life for Windows XP. Windows XP is the most commonly used PC operating system in the world today, and we certainly still have many clients operating on this platform.  Windows XP was first released in 2001 which means this platform is 12 years old – and that is a very long time in the world of technology.

Security Risk

In the first half of 2012, Windows XP SP3 computers were infected at a rate almost three times higher than Windows 7 computers.  Much has changed since its release in 2001 and XP is simply too antiquated to combat modern-day hackers and virus writers.

via Malware Infection Rates by Microsoft Security Blog

 Malware Infection Rates

Technical Support

In April 2009, Microsoft moved Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) from “Mainstream Support” to “Extended Support”.  This means that Microsoft will continue to provide regular security updates, but technical support, warranty claims and design changes are no longer being offered.

Upgrade to Window 7

Many older PCs are simply not powerful enough to run Windows 7, and even if they are, the investment to upgrade may exceed the value of the computer.  Certainly, for computers that are at least four years old, it is more cost-effective to replace them with new computers that have Windows 7 pre-installed.

Start Planning Now

This is not something that needs to happen overnight, but if you start planning now then you could potentially phase this migration over a number of months spreading the cost of your technology spend.

If you would like to start planning for your Windows 7 migration, please give tech3Support a call today!

Note* – Windows 8 is not a recommended upgrade at this time.


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