Office 2013 Upgrade Now Available

The next version of Office is now available for those of you who bought Office 2010 and are looking for your Upgrade Guarantee.

Download Office

Click on Redeem now and fill out Country, Product Key, Accept and Verify:


You are ready to download?? And therein lies the rub… there is a catch, sure there is. You need to sign up for Office 365 for 3 months, whether you want that or not. So no, you don’t just get the stand-alone application.

Choose your Office

You have to Sign In to a Microsoft account to continue, so I used an old hotmail account and clicked on Select.

I selected my Country and Language and had no choice but to agree to additional marketing from Microsoft: Microsoft Office will be contacting you with surveys, promotions, tips and advice for using our products and services. You can unsubscribe at any time. For more information on our communications options, please see our Privacy and Cookies Notice.

And finally, the INSTALL.

Install Office 365

It dropped a 585kb “Click To Run” exe and that’s all you get. I’m sure once you click on the Setup.exe, it will install Office 2013, but I am waiting to implement Office 2013 with Windows 8.

UPDATE! I found where you can download the software. It is under your account settings under frequently asked questions.

Install from a Disc

That appears to be a continuous loop and you can only order a disc for $15.11. Ok, that’s enough nonsense for me this morning.

UPDATE: I have gone back to the account and am now able to download the *.img file.

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