User Support Editorial Report – March 2013

Latest Technology

Rubbery Battery:

In the future, stretchy batteries such as these could help power solar-energy generating clothes, tattoos that monitor your vital signs, robot skin that’s sensitive to touch and other futuristic, flexible devices. Read on


Tips & Tricks


The Best Adventure Games on Android
Which Outlook Add-ins Do I Really Need?
Let Outlook Read Email to You in Windows 7
Should You Use More Than One Antivirus Program?
Before You Give Away Your Kindle Fire – Factory Data Reset

Computer Safety

Everyday JAVA and FLASH Updates:

You say to yourself, “I just updated JAVA and/or ADOBE FLASH yesterday when it popped up…didn’t I? They couldn’t possibly want me to update it again this week”?

Yes, yes they do want you to keep updating it. Those updates are a necessary process to keep your computing safe.

You can disable JAVA and get rid of that annoyance; however, one day you may actually need it for a specific website.

Adobe Flash Player is the most common software program for viewing animations and movies within a web browser. It is installed as an add-on or extension into the web browser and is one of the core Windows programs that you should keep updated.

Here is the links to update your computer’s JAVA and ADOBE FLASH  today.

Bonus Video of the Month

MYO – Armband Gesture Control:

The MYO armband lets you use the electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly control your computer, phone, and other favorite digital technologies.

Using groundbreaking technology, MYO is able to measure electrical activity in your muscles instantly. The result is a seamless way to interact with computers, and a truly magical sense of control. Pre-order for $149.

User Support Editorial Report – January 2013


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