Monsanto Wants to Help the Honeybees?

dead beesThe continuing drama of those poor honeybees, or the slow demise of them, has Monsanto looking to help. (Monsanto Company is a leading producer of genetically engineered (GE) seed and of the herbicide glyphosate, which it markets under the Roundup brand)

In 2011 Monsanto, bought an Israeli company called Beeologics, which had developed an RNA interference technology that can be fed to bees through sugar water. The idea is that when a nurse bee spits this sugar water into each cell of a honeycomb where a queen bee has laid an egg, the resulting larvae will consume the RNA interference treatment. With the right sequence in the interfering RNA, the treatment will be harmless to the larvae, but when a mite feeds on it, the pest will ingest its own self-destruct signal.

Self-destruct signal? Really?

According to a comprehensive federal study, the devastation of American honeybee colonies is the result of a complex stew of factors, including pesticides, parasites, poor nutrition and a lack of genetic diversity.

RNA interference technology… another name for another pesticide. Monsanto wins, bees lose.

No Clue on the Cause of Honeybee Deaths

One Response to “Monsanto Wants to Help the Honeybees?”

  1. Angelic Says:

    Monsanto wants to help themselves. I don’t trust it for a second!

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