Geek Tool of the Day | OutlookTempCleaner 1.2

OutlookTempCleaner 1.2 has just been released. The main new addition is that it now also supports Outlook 2013, including the Office 365 editions of Office 2013.

OutlookTempCleaner is a free support tool which gives you easy access to the Temp folder that is being used when you directly open an attachment from Outlook. Under certain circumstances, this folder can become “full” and you are unable to open the attachment.

Aside from easy access to the folder, it can also report its size and gives you the opportunity to empty it. It also supports command line switches which allows you to automate maintenance of the folder via Windows’ Scheduled Tasks or logon/logoff scripts.

Download: OutlookTempCleaner 1.2

One Response to “Geek Tool of the Day | OutlookTempCleaner 1.2”

  1. Batman Says:

    I wish I had know about this tool like 4 years ago if it existed. Outlook can only have 99 copies of an attachment with the same name in the temp location(I had a client who got an attachment from a service and it was always the same name). Once I had figured out what was happening I wrote a script to read this location from the registry then delete the files in it but my client kept trying to run it with outlook open(of course). For pop accounts or imap where you download the whole email scripting deletion is ok since the message is local if you need to open the attachment again but for imap downloading headers only like outlook does by default having to download an attachment again because the temp copy is gone might be a pain if you do it a lot or the attachments are large.

    Awesome find! I’ll have to see if I still have this script around. I think I’ve lost more scripts than I have saved over the years.

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