Sound Recorder File Location in Windows 8.1

Occasionally I use the Sound Recorder to give my emails a personal touch. And since migrating to Windows 8.1 Pro, I couldn’t help but notice that the soundrecorder.exe no longer exists. You will have to use the “app” provided. Ok, so in order to send my cheerful good morning, I had to locate it, copy and paste into my email.

Here is the location:

C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.WindowsSoundRecorder_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\Indexed\Recordings

It might have been nice if there was a SAVE TO on the sound recorder app, and a SHARE button would be nice, but no, not there. You will also notice other apps with no share or save options. Fun!

sound recorder


16 Responses to “Sound Recorder File Location in Windows 8.1”

  1. Leo Says:

    Thanks for solution!

  2. Jan Cobb Says:

    Where does it put the files if you delete them? I need to retrieve one.

  3. Steffny Says:

    Thanks for the info on where to find my recordings, however my Windows 8.1 is no longer showing the play button. You can select recording but when you stop it, it goes back to the option for you to select the record button. Tried to fix it but so far no luck. even when I check the pathway, the record is not there.

  4. Michelle Says:

    Thank you thank you Thank you!!!!!

  5. Jam Says:

    that location does not exist in my laptop. the destination (with my real username) simply does not exist.

  6. Katherine Says:

    Thank you for the location! I was able to finally find my files and move them over into another program to work from. Geez, why can’t they just make it easier! I tried the “SHARE” OPTION, but I don’t have an App that will share it and can’t find one that works. So this path did work, even though it was a pain in the arse.

    • Harvey Says:

      Windows Help doesn’t Windows Help won’t As the person said, you can’t even FIND OUT where your sound files (just created) are put! If there’s one consistency in Windows Products, it’s that they’ve become counter-intuitive. The geeks have been working so long, they think everyone knows all the defaults, and they have lost the ability to see the forest, because of all the trees. I wonder what percentage of ten-year employees can change a car tire?

      Once again, I give up on going to microsoft to get simple answers about their products. The web authors have lost their common sense.

  7. Darryl Brooks (@dbvirago) Says:

    Just found the old sound recorder. Go to the win8 app screen and click the down arrow to bring up the list of all apps. Scroll to the right to get the list of Windows accessories. You can then pin it to taskbar to put it over in your desktop interface.

  8. Darryl Brooks (@dbvirago) Says:

    Another stupid design in Win8. An entire screen devoted to a one button app. Hope Win10 fixes some of this

  9. furman Says:

    is there a feature for saving files?.

  10. Ryan Tuck Says:

    Swipe from the right to Share. 100% agree on Save As option, defaults as .m4a…

  11. Batman Says:

    Best easy sound recorder around.


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