User Accounts “Grayed Out” in Windows 8.1 Pro

Not sure what I did, and I am sure I did something that grayed out the functionality of NETPLWIZ. (Netplwiz utility is used to manage User Accounts in Windows 8 / Windows 8.1. Netplwiz allows Administrator to Add , Remove Users and Groups and provides great alternate to Local Users and Groups MMC tool. Applies to: Windows 8 Windows 8.1)

It is the tool we use to uncheck the box where “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”. This allow the computer to boot up without having to type in the password.


I also used control password2 in the RUN box and surprisingly, it also pulled up the User Account box

I was just making things worse by going to the registry as some forums suggested and using gpedit.msc to enable policies.

The fix that worked for me was resetting the security policies.

Open Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Reset security policies (left hand column) After clicking on the “reset” another box will pop up, click Reset Policies and you are good to go.


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