Top Cyber Threat Predictions for 2014

As a hands on, “out in the field” technician, I have to ask: “Who hasn’t been hacked”? (Target, Apple, Energy networksSony, government websites…) And this year just means there will be more, not less cyber threats. Cyber Warfare… there will be collateral damage.

Cyber warfare

Let’s review some of Top Cyber Threats, shall we?

PREDICTION #2: Service-Impacting Interruptions for Online Services Will Persist
By David Bills, Chief Reliability Strategist, Trustworthy Computing

Online services across the industry and around the world have experienced service disruptions during the past year. I expect this trend to continue.

PREDICTION #6: Cybercrime that Leverages Unsupported Software will Increase
By Tim Rains, Director Trustworthy Computing

The most effective way to protect systems in the current environment, where drive-by download attacks are so popular with attackers, is to keep all software installed on them up-to-date with security updates.

PREDICTION #8: Ransomware will Impact More People
By Tracey Pretorius, Director, Trustworthy Computing

I predict more attackers will embrace this business model in 2014 and ransomware infections will rise. The impact of a ransomware infection on businesses of all sizes could be highly disruptive if they aren’t prepared for this type of threat.

To read the full article:

Security Professionals: Top Cyber Threat Predictions for 2014

BONUS TIP: Replace your XP/Vista systems

They are no longer supported and broken. The risk you take will not be rewarded.

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