HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows

Another printing issue resolved by using this handy HP tool. Add it to your tool belt today!

The HP printer only showed in the Devices and Printers as a “Network” printer. Seems it has wireless capabilities but the printer was plugged in via USB cable.

Sure, we could have uninstalled the HP software and reinstalled, but we didn’t want to spend 45 minutes on that drill.

Following are some common problems that the Print and Scan Doctor can resolve easily:

  • ‘Printer is Offline ‘ or print jobs stuck in the print queue
  • Missing or corrupt drivers
  • Connectivity issues
  • Firewall issues
  • Scan error messages
  • Copy or scan mechanism issues (not available for all printers)
  • Carriage stalls or carriage jams (not available for all printers)
  • Ink and print quality issues (not available for all printers)



HP Print and Scan Tool

3 Responses to “HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows”

  1. Batman Says:

    HP Press Release——–
    We have a new tool called the HP Print and Scan Tool. This tool attempts to fix the shit that is wrong with our 700mb printer driver package that includes 3 different photo programs, 2 different software update programs, a program to tell you that your cartridge is low when it’s only half empty, a program that pokes holes in your firewall, OCR software that never really works, adds toolbars to all your browsers and sometimes includes a driver. The HP Print and Scan Tool will hopefully work. If these troubleshooting steps don’t work please visit the URL below for a solution.


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