How To Stream Media | PC to HDTV over WiFi

I found this article via PCWORLD on how to stream from PC to HDTV. Having Chromecast is pretty awesome, but has it’s limitations. With the free Android app BubbleUPnP, you can turn Chromecast into a DLNA renderer.

(DLNA uses Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) for media management, discovery and control. UPnP defines the type of device that DLNA supports (“server”, “renderer”, “controller”) and the mechanisms for accessing media over a network)

I installed BubbleUPnP on my Nexus and then selected Chrome Cloud as the renderer.

bubbleupnp (2)

Then you just set up Windows Media Player to stream your stuff. Simply open WMP, select Stream > Turn on media streaming. Once it is turned on, click OK.

media streaming

Use the BubbleUPnP app to locate your photos, music, videos and play on! (You may need to select Chromecast via your TV input options before using)

bubbleupnp (3)





One Response to “How To Stream Media | PC to HDTV over WiFi”

  1. Batman Says:

    I’ve never liked streaming over WiFi because of the downside of bandwidth issues. I ran cable instead.

    I built a XBMC box from a hacked 1st Gen Apple TV a few years ago and have been using that. Just added my Movie share from my Linux NAS as a source(also use it to listen to music/internet radio and stream podcasts). For about a year now I’ve also had a Roku 3 for Netflix(stopped using my Wii) but earlier this year I discovered the “Roku Media Player” in the channel store. I could play movies from a USB flash drive but it is also a dlna client. I installed a dlna server on my nas so now I use that for about half my movie collection that is in MP4 till I convert the rest. Also earlier this year I got a Raspberry Pi for tinkering and installed RaspBMC, an XBMC distro for the Pi. At about $50 for a Pi and kit it’s a good deal to mess around with.

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