Dell Backup and Recovery Media Request Form

Have you bought a new DELL laptop or PC lately? Notice that you didn’t get any CD’s with it? And you aren’t sure what to do with the annoying DELL Backup and Recovery software pop ups?

If you haven’t run the DELL Backup and Recovery software to create re-install disks (rescue disks) for your computer, I suggest you do. I recently had a 3 month old Windows 8.1 PC corrupt out and the only option was to re-install the OS.

Of course, there was no rescue disks for that wayward system, but I did find this option. All you need is the Service Tag number and a system still under warranty. (Typically less than a year old)

Click on this link and follow the steps to order your recovery media.


(Received the install CD the next day and fixed the system)

One Response to “Dell Backup and Recovery Media Request Form”

  1. Batman Says:

    Nice find, thanx! I create and/or keep all the recovery/install disks I come into contact with especially the Dell disks as the Windows disks work on all Dells as long as it is the same version as the one that came with the PC. Plus I also make Acronis images(I split the image at 1.9gb so I can put 2 files each on a couple dvd’s and give to the client for when they call with a virus) of all new PC’s I come into contact with because this is even easier to blast back on an existing or brand new drive.

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