Double Google Chrome Icon on Taskbar | Windows 8.1

Woke up this morning and noticed that I now had 2 Google Chrome icons on my taskbar.


Rather annoying because if you click on the wrong one, another web page opens and the grouping of windows should happen with only one icon. It was a simple fix, I just did it in the wrong order.

First, right click and unpin the Google Chrome icon that doesn’t have the grouping of Google Chrome windows. Now, just right click and repin the icon that is left in the task bar.


Seems to be an easy fix, however if it doesn’t work for you, the Trouble Fixers has other solutions.

What is Google Takeout?

I like to backup regularly and these days we find a lot of our “stuff” in the cloud. From iCloud, Google Apps, Skydrive, Dropbox, etc.

I have used Google Takeout before, but thought I would share:

Google Takeout is a tool that lets you quickly and easily download data that you created in (or imported into) a number of Google products. It provides the data in a variety of open, portable formats so that you can easily import the data into other internet services.

Google Takeout is a Data Liberation platform that makes escaping from Google products as easy as possible. Takeout lets you take your data out of multiple Google products in one fell swoop. Moreover, you’ll find that all your data is in portable and open formats‚ so it’s easy to import to other services quickly.

Google Takeout supports the following services at this time:

Google Takeout

It is pretty straight forward and allows you to either download it all or select a service to download:

Select Takeout ServiceAfter you are done selecting it all or just one service, just click on CREATE ARCHIVE and it will pack it up for download. If you have a lot of files up there, you can ask the takeout services to email you when it is done.

Download Takeout

Ok, now click on Download and save. You now have that cloud backed up. Be sure to backup what’s on your computer too!