NASA “No-Fly” Zone on the Moon

Brilliant idea! When tourism hits the moon and all the lookie loo’s head to space and beyond, NASA will need to “protect” their landing areas.

The space agency released guidelines this summer on how they would “protect” the lunar landing sites and artifacts. They call for a 1,200-acre “no-fly” zone around the first landing site by Apollo 11 and the final one by Apollo 17. Under those guidelines, tourists could only walk within 82 yards of the Apollo 11 landing site where Neil Armstrong first took “one small step for man,” on July 20, 1969.

Seriously?! Are there going to be moon rangers up there handing out tickets? 82 yards and not a yard closer!

via NASA Moon Landing Sites .

The Adventures of Action Item – Professional Superhero

Cupcake Bandages, Finger Monsters and Cat Butt Gum

Check out Perpetual Kid if you could use some bandages with a bit of flair, or remember these useless but fun for a minute finger monsters? How about 8 peppermint pieces of “Kiss My Ass” attitude Cat Butt Gum?

Think I need to order me up some of this…