Spring Time Theme for Windows 10

It is my favorite time of the year, spring time! Enjoy my spring time theme with a clever sound scheme too!


Click on the link, download the Spring Time.themepack and then double click it to bring pretty flowers, an insect or two with some sounds of spring to your computer. Fun!

Super Awesome Lego Car

Monsanto Wants to Help the Honeybees?

dead beesThe continuing drama of those poor honeybees, or the slow demise of them, has Monsanto looking to help. (Monsanto Company is a leading producer of genetically engineered (GE) seed and of the herbicide glyphosate, which it markets under the Roundup brand)

In 2011 Monsanto, bought an Israeli company called Beeologics, which had developed an RNA interference technology that can be fed to bees through sugar water. The idea is that when a nurse bee spits this sugar water into each cell of a honeycomb where a queen bee has laid an egg, the resulting larvae will consume the RNA interference treatment. With the right sequence in the interfering RNA, the treatment will be harmless to the larvae, but when a mite feeds on it, the pest will ingest its own self-destruct signal.

Self-destruct signal? Really?

According to a comprehensive federal study, the devastation of American honeybee colonies is the result of a complex stew of factors, including pesticides, parasites, poor nutrition and a lack of genetic diversity.

RNA interference technology… another name for another pesticide. Monsanto wins, bees lose.

No Clue on the Cause of Honeybee Deaths

No Clue on the Cause of Honeybee Deaths


It has been awhile since I reported on New Bees?BioTech for Bees and . So how are the little fuzzy flying buzzing bees doing with their fungus and Colony Collapse Disorder? Really, not much of a change.

According to a comprehensive federal study published on Thursday, the devastation of American honeybee colonies is the result of a complex stew of factors, including pesticides, parasites, poor nutrition and a lack of genetic diversity.

The report does not place more weight on one factor over another, and recommends a range of actions and further research.

Sure, that’s what will fix this, more years and years of research.


Esther Sundel Passes On

A moment of silence today. Esther Sundel passed away last night. She was 101 years old. My condolences to her family and friends.


How Callaway Saved My Golf Game

cg-logo-strataLast year I was looking for the best advice on irons to enhance my golf game and was thrilled to buy the RAZR X irons – steel shafts, as per the paid club-fitting session with the golf professional. Why the club-fitter sold the steel shafts? Not sure, but hindsight says there might have been a better option other than what was in stock and perhaps on sale?

I aggravated an old elbow injury (a dislocated elbow with a broken funny bone, which was repaired with steel pins) and I had to stop before the end of the season last year. After taking 2 months off to heal the inflammation, I felt the steel shafted irons were contributing to the “tennis elbow” pain and felt a lighter swing weight would help alleviate further damage to my elbow. Anxious to get this issue resolved and get my irons ready for this upcoming golf season, I met with another golf professional who was extremely helpful, informative and wondered why the “professional club-fitter” didn’t ask me about any physical limitations.

After weighing my 7 iron, comparing that weight to other graphite irons, hitting balls with those other graphite shafted 7 irons, we concurred that a different shaft would be best. So she sent me on my way to Golfmart to discuss options with them, because her expertise is with TaylorMade equipment and felt they would be helpful with the Callaway irons.

This is where the apprehension begins, because I know going to the big box golf stores to purchase anything is always a drill of dejection. I will be ignored, dismissed and misguided until I just give up and leave the store.

I brought in my 7 iron, just in case I could talk them into putting in a different shaft so I could try it out on the course. I could decide whether or not this was the right shaft and replace it in all my other irons.

I asked for the golf pro’s recommended guys at the club-fitting area and they weren’t there. I should have left then. The first guy I spoke with in the club-fitting area, listened to me for a less than a minute, and then dismissed me to another employee. Ok, maybe he is new and this other guy is the expert. I again stated that I would like options for replacing the shafts due to the swing weight. The first words out of that guy’s mouth, “You don’t want to do that. It will cost you $25 -$30 per new shaft and another $20 each for us to install them.”

Did he ask me how much I was willing to spend? No. I anticipated the cost around $50 for each iron and was willing to spend that amount. It was blatantly clear he wasn’t interested in replacing the shaft when he walked me over to the used clubs and shows me the graphite set that included the 3 & 5 woods. I let him know I don’t need the additional woods and he stated “We don’t break up these sets and that’s how it is sold.” He then just walked away.

Yes, that is correct, he just walked away. I stood around for a bit, looked at other used clubs and wondered where he went. The drill of dejection was apparent and I was in self-denial that it couldn’t just keep happening… could it? It’s 2013! Rice and Moore are members now at Augusta.

As he walked to the back of the store, I stood in his way, basically to figure out where he went and what options, if any, he found for me. He asked me, “Did you find anything?” Ah no, I didn’t.  I don’t want to buy another set of clubs, I have clubs. He then begins this oration, “The golf head weight on a steel shaft is lighter than on a graphite shaft so replacing the shaft won’t work anyways. We could put in a different shaft but we may need to add tape weight to the head.” Blah, blah, blah…

I didn’t say anything and frankly I quit listening. I just let him tell me why he didn’t want to help me. Since I am under the impression that club makers have options if they want the swing weight to be the same with steel or graphite shafts and that doesn’t necessarily mean two different weight heads. Maybe my RAZR X irons was the exception to the rule; maybe the head weights are different. Maybe I won’t be able to replace the shafts. Maybe it’s time to give up and join the ranks of the other disillusioned golfers that don’t get any better, won’t get any better and can’t get any better.

He sums up my dejected visit with, “Call me and I’ll check to see what’s in” and then turns to walk away. Meaning, “what used clubs are in” that he can sell “whatever” to me. Which isn’t what I want, I just want a lighter swing weight in the irons I purchased last year!

Alas, I shook his hand, thanked him for his time and didn’t expect or get a business card or any further assistance.

It really comes as no surprise that women don’t take up the game of golf or keep up with it. It’s not the only taint of disparity that we must endure from just the retailers; it also follows us to the course. I watch the boys play badly from the blue tees, put up with them telling us to hurry up because we are slowing play and throw my hands in the air when they hit into us.

I want to be able to play this wonderful game of golf for as long as I can and enjoy the best I can play, provided I can get the proper equipment to match my physical limitations. I have a 13.4 handicap and a 235 yard drive; I am definitely not your average amateur women’s golfer. I only ask to be treated with the same courtesy and respect as men golfers, what the spirit of the game of golf enriches in us all. It is time to call Callaway Golf to see if they will be of nobler assistance.

I just got off the phone with Erin, the Callaway customer service representative. After explaining in perhaps over detail as to my equipment issues, she had the answer I was looking for. Of course you can put different shafts in Callaway irons. We knew that.

I was provided a RMA number and off went my clubs to get the graphite shafts I needed.

Thank you Callaway for keeping this ole gal in the game!

UPDATE: Just picked up my re-shafted irons. Callaway polished the heads so they look brand new. And when I got back to the office, a box of Callaway HEX Chrome golf balls had been delivered by UPS. (Sent to me via Callaway as a “sorry you had to put up with Golfmart”)


Musical Light Swings on the Streets of Montreal

21 Balançoires takes over a newly open space in front of Université du Québec à Montréal’s Science Faculty. Together with Luc-Alain Giraldeau, an animal behaviour professor from the faculty, they explored the topic of cooperation which states that together we achieve better things than separately.

The result is a giant collective instrument made of 21 musical swings; each swing in motion triggers different notes, all the swings together compose a piece, but some sounds only emerge from cooperation. The project stimulates ownership of the new space, bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds, and creating a place for playing and hanging out in the middle of the city centre.

2011 Review in Pretty Pictures & Fun Videos

Happy New Year! And with that comes all the story’s of 2011.

How about some Pretty Space pictures to look at for 2011? I found The Year in Volcanic Activity interesting and the San Diego Union Tribune did a good job on their 2011 Year In Review photos. (the music is nice, but the pictures fly by quickly so you may have to re-watch. Nice pics of Diego)

Get past the alleged “Cleverbot” video from Cosmic Log and check out the other  “must-see” science videos. One of my favorites is  “A Day Made of Glass,” which depicts Corning’s vision for a glassy future. (sneak peak below)

Of course the posting wouldn’t be complete without tossing in A Look Back at the Year, in pictures by tom’s hardware. (see how easy I am making this? Just having to stare at pictures, oooo, aaahhhh)

Staying on the geek theme, lifehacker has their Best of lifehacker 2011, and for the Android users out there, here is the top 30 Android Apps for 2011.

Sure, the Resolutions have come out and I only have two to share with you.

1. 5 Business Tech Resolutions for 2012 (As the article states: You can scramble to keep up with technology, or you can use technology to give your business a strategic advantage over your rivals.)

2. Food52’s goals for 2012 (Yes, that’s a food blog. We all have to eat, right? Plus they have amazing articles, videos and recipes)

That’s all I’ve got. Besides my simple resolution to not take it all so seriously and enjoy the moments.

New Bees?

It has been awhile since I reported on BioTech for Bees and . So how are the little fuzzy flying buzzing bees doing with their fungus and Colony Collapse Disorder? Really, not much of a change. Here’s the progress report, as per the USDA.

As you may know, honeybees have been hard-hit by a mysterious phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder, which experts suspect is caused by a combination of mites, parasites, viruses and pesticides, cell phones and we got the human factor too. Bumblebees are having problems, too.

A  postdoctoral associate in the field of entomology, Jason Gibbs, discovered 11 new U.S. sweat bee species. Sweat bees are smaller than honeybees, nest in the ground (including lawns) and in rotten logs, and can vary in color from brown to black to dull metallic green and bright iridescent. They are mostly harmless, though people may get stung when the bees get brushed off as they lick salt on people’s skin on hot days.

Hope these little guys can help with pollination and take up some of the slack for their honey collecting cousins.

via Cornell University

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