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Your First Robot

“Your First Robot” gives you the complete step-by-step instructions for 15 different easy robotics projects. Learn everything from how to make a wall avoiding robot, to a “drunken” robot and even how to make your robot solar powered.  All projects come from Instructables.com, are written bytheir creative community, and contain pictures for each step so you can easily make these yourself.

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Monopoly 2.0

I’ve done my share of Monopoly back in the day. Picking out the Top Hat as my player piece because the dog, horseman and car long since disappeared. With a gaggle of sisters and brother, any rainy day would find us inside, fighting or playing. And playing would typically be cards or board games.

Monopoly gave us the real world experience of buying, selling and handling (fake) money and real estate. Haggling, arguing and learning the fine art of negotiation, was what we also learned from Monoply. There is even an old Chance card…the “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE” card in my wallet, that I’ve carried around for over 20 years. Good times…

And now Hasbro shows off a preview of the newest version, called Monopoly Live, at this week’s Toy Fair in New York. (Click Here to check out the video) It is the classic Monopoly board on the outside, with the familiar railroads like the B.& O. and the development of property. But in the center, instead of dice and Chance and Community Chest cards, an infrared tower with a speaker issues instructions, keeps track of money and makes sure players adhere to the rules. The all-knowing tower even watches over advancing the proper number of spaces.

To move forward on the new Monopoly board, players cover their game piece with their hands, (seriously! no dice!) and the tower announces how many spaces the player can move. Players also hold their hands over decals to buy or sell properties, insert “bank cards” into slots to check their accounts, and send a plastic car (A PLASTIC CAR!) moving around a track to win money or other advantages (only when the tower instructs them to, of course).

Listen to some “computer” tell you what to do…don’t use your imagination or your own smarts. Have fun with that kids!