Monitor Setup for All Graphics Cards

Monitors have become mini TV’s and connecting to them has changed. I thought this would be helpful to show you what you need to setup your monitor(s).

Let’s get started.

Monitor Setup for all Graphics Cards

The following guide will help you determine the video adapter(s) needed to properly support your monitor setup. Please note that other optional adapters may be required for multiple monitors setup.

Step 1 — Check your Monitor(s):

The first step in determining if you require an additional video adapter(s) is to check your monitors for the type of connections: DisplayPort, DVI or VGA.

Video Adapters

Step 2 — Check your graphics card(s): 

The second step is to determine the type of connectors of your graphics card (back of your computer). These are the standard outputs available.

Connectors on Grahics card

Step 3 — Determine what video adapter(s) you need:

Using the below table, line up your monitor input with your graphics card output. This will help you decide on the type of video adapter or cable you will require to connect your monitor. Additional adapters can be selected in the adapter section during system customization.


Step 4 — How to Connect:

Connect your monitor(s) to your graphics card using the appropriate cables and adapters.

Cables and Adapters