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2011 Review in Pretty Pictures & Fun Videos

Happy New Year! And with that comes all the story’s of 2011.

How about some Pretty Space pictures to look at for 2011? I found The Year in Volcanic Activity interesting and the San Diego Union Tribune did a good job on their 2011 Year In Review photos. (the music is nice, but the pictures fly by quickly so you may have to re-watch. Nice pics of Diego)

Get past the alleged “Cleverbot” video from Cosmic Log and check out the other  “must-see” science videos. One of my favorites is  “A Day Made of Glass,” which depicts Corning’s vision for a glassy future. (sneak peak below)

Of course the posting wouldn’t be complete without tossing in A Look Back at the Year, in pictures by tom’s hardware. (see how easy I am making this? Just having to stare at pictures, oooo, aaahhhh)

Staying on the geek theme, lifehacker has their Best of lifehacker 2011, and for the Android users out there, here is the top 30 Android Apps for 2011.

Sure, the Resolutions have come out and I only have two to share with you.

1. 5 Business Tech Resolutions for 2012 (As the article states: You can scramble to keep up with technology, or you can use technology to give your business a strategic advantage over your rivals.)

2. Food52’s goals for 2012 (Yes, that’s a food blog. We all have to eat, right? Plus they have amazing articles, videos and recipes)

That’s all I’ve got. Besides my simple resolution to not take it all so seriously and enjoy the moments.

Digital PeepHole Viewer » Brinno PHV1330

The Digital PeepHole Viewer uses an LCD panel to display who is at your door without alerting them to your presence. Simply push the button to see a large image of the person outside your door. The viewer compensates for low-light images and eliminates “fish eye” distortion. Repeated presses toggle between regular and zoom modes.

It can also take an image of the visitor at the door, and keeps the image on a Micro SD card. You can buy accessories like a Motion Activated Sensor and a Knocking Sensor.

I sure could have used this in some of the apartments and houses I use to live in.

via Brinno PHV1330 Digital PeepHole Viewer » Coolest Gadgets.

Polaroid: The New Digital Instant Print Camera


Polaroid has returned with a full-up digital camera that incorporates instant printing technology. The Polaroid Z340 is a 14MP digital with an integrated Zink-enabled Zero Ink printer. In a nostalgic touch, the new camera prints 3×4-inch images, the same size as the original Polaroid film cameras.

via Polaroid: This time it’s digital | ExtremeTech.

Back to Work Tuesday

Rainbows Wallpaper Collection

From Me To You | A Photography Blog

This might be a bit off base for my blog, however, it is pretty awesome.

You remember GIF files, little smiley faces that wink. Like my little surfing pal below:

This site takes photography a huge leap forward. All the photos are “GIF” files. Fascinating!


Yep, that’s a GIF file. (See the taxi! Awesome!) It’s not Adobe Flash or something, it’s a GIF file!

I like it! There’s a bunch more photos over at From Me To You, including photos from Fashion Week in New York earlier this year.

The Mountain

Fascinating time-lapse video taken by photographer Terje Sorgjerd from the top of Spain’s tallest mountain, El Teide, over a one week period. (Bonus piano music too)

Spring Wallpaper Collection

Ah! The first day of spring! Wait a minute…it’s cold, cloudy with a chance of rain later. Ok, well, let’s pretend its a nice sunny day and go get our flowers on over at the Spring Wallpaper Collection via How-to Geek.

Windows 7 Themes: Escape to the Seaside

Windows 7 has two new themes for all of you who need a little bit of seaside relaxation. Surfing and Sailing!

The surfing theme puts you right in the tubes, feeling the roar of the waves and seeing the sun sparkling through the water. Awesome dude!

The sailing theme puts you on deck for a virtual voyage from Boracay in the South Pacific to Bar Harbor, Maine, with stopovers in ports of call such as Antigua, Sardinia, and the Maldives. Ah hoy matey!

And these bonus themes are a bit different than others that have been released.  They finally added a sound (seashore) theme to go along with it.  How cool is that? Seagulls, splashes, waves, and water-drops, a distant foghorn  – now signal key events in Windows, from the arrival of a new email to the emptying of the Recycle Bin.

Once they start adding screensavers to the themes, it will be just like “real” themes from yesterdays.