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Balboa Golf Course Proposed Changes

Balboa Park Golf Course – San Diego’s other municipal golf course just a 5 minute cab drive from downtown hotels, the San Diego Convention & Visitor Center, Little Italy and San Diego’s Gas Lamp District. Balboa Park Golf Course is a beautiful, traditional and challenging golf course with great views of the San Diego skyline, Balboa Park and Pt. Loma with Pacific Ocean San Diego Harbor in the distant background.

The Balboa Park Municipal Golf Course offers 18 holes of great golf and 9-hole executive golf course too. It is a local favorite due to the quality of the course and the inexpensive green fees.

Balboa Muni GC clubhouse

Here are some of the proposed changes to the course.

  1. New clubhouse
  2. Club drop off area
  3. New parking area
  4. Revised 9 holes course

Balboa Muni GC master plan

Balboa Muni GC revised 9 hole 

Golf Today

NASA “No-Fly” Zone on the Moon

Brilliant idea! When tourism hits the moon and all the lookie loo’s head to space and beyond, NASA will need to “protect” their landing areas.

The space agency released guidelines this summer on how they would “protect” the lunar landing sites and artifacts. They call for a 1,200-acre “no-fly” zone around the first landing site by Apollo 11 and the final one by Apollo 17. Under those guidelines, tourists could only walk within 82 yards of the Apollo 11 landing site where Neil Armstrong first took “one small step for man,” on July 20, 1969.

Seriously?! Are there going to be moon rangers up there handing out tickets? 82 yards and not a yard closer!

via NASA Moon Landing Sites .

Happy Halloween Light Show 2011

Sign of the Times

I was sent this photo, I had to share.

The “economic downturn” people of our fine state can’t afford exorbitant pricing from worst buy retailers or dork squad wannabes, (who haven’t the experience or clue how to provide quality end user support. Only what makes them a buck)

But they certainly can’t afford this stupidity either:

Rainbows Wallpaper Collection

Evian Masters – Swing the World

Swing the World

To celebrate the opening of the Evian Masters’ official YouTube channel, they are launching a special event: Swing the World!

They want to see people from all around the world swinging in front of a monument, a symbol or characteristic landscape of the place where you are from. So, on your next walk, your next hike, with or without your golf club… SWING!

You can film your swing with a camera or your cell phone. The video should last 15 to 30 seconds, and the place where you are at should be recognizable at first glance. Once youre done send it to Michael Sayarath. msayarath@evianmasters.com

via LPGA.com.

The Mountain

Fascinating time-lapse video taken by photographer Terje Sorgjerd from the top of Spain’s tallest mountain, El Teide, over a one week period. (Bonus piano music too)

Virgin Oceanic – 5 Ocean Exploration

Virgin Oceanic – will be exploring the bottom of the deepest parts of the oceans of the world.  Data from video cameras taken down on the five dives will be fed back to Google Earth and used to create a 3D deep sea virtual mirror.

The Virgin Oceanic data will add high definition data for the Mariana Trench (Pacific), Puerto Rico Trench (Atlantic), Diamantina Trench (Indian), South Sandwich Trench (Southern), and Molloy Deep (Arctic) – some of the most interesting and least known deep sea features on the planet.

Here’s a YouTube of the craft zipping around the ocean bottom.