Do Not Track – Geek Tool of the Day

Chrome is the browser I use for a variety of reasons. I like the extensions, speed and it just works. There is just a bit of configuration and nuances to Chrome, so head on over to Take a Tour and check it out.

Privacy is always the buzz word when surfing the web and I do my share of surfing when collecting information for this blog and my newsletter.

Then I saw this post about a free new privacy tool called Do Not Track Plus. (You know how we like FREE!) It works seamlessly with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari; not only that, it can (allegedly) increase page load speeds by up to four times, its maker says.

Well, then you have to toss it on your Chrome browser and give it a whirl, right? The average Web user is tracked by more than 100 technologies every day, Abine says, and even those who have opted out of targeted advertising continue to be tracked, at least one study has shown.

You can find the extension on Abine’s website or head on over to the Chrome Web Store.

Other extensions I use:

AdBlock – Blocks Ads all over the Web
Vanilla Cookie Manager – Automatically removes unwanted cookies

via PCWorld Business Center.