Acer/Star Trek Auction

Acer and Paramount Pictures partnered in the creation of a very exclusive edition of the revolutionary touch-enabled Notebook, the Aspire R7. Twenty five (25) units of this Limited Edition notebook have been produced but never made available to the public…until now.


ONE, and ONLY ONE, will be auctioned on eBay as part of a unique charity auction! The net proceeds from the auctions will benefit these two deserving charitable organizations: The Mission Continues and Save the Children.

The notebook itself rocks a 15.6-inch Full HD 1080p touchscreen display, Core i5 processor (Ivy Bridge), 500GB hard drive + 24GB SSD, and Windows 8.

The bidding begins June 14 and runs through June 24.

“Beam Me Up” BING

Bing is continuing to honor Star Trek (and promote the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, the latest in the Star Trek film franchise) by boldly going where no homepage has gone before.

By entering the famous Star Trek “beam me up” phrase, Bing transports users to an interactive image of the Starship Enterprise traveling through space.


From the images, users can click on a variety of links that takes them deeper into more classic Star Trek images, trivia and links to videos.


It’s geeky, which makes it cool!

Which Star Trek Character Are You?

A while back I took the Which Super Hero Are You test and passed as Superman! With Star Trek Into Darkness a few months away, it is time to ask, What Star Trek Character Are You?

Although the quiz doesn’t have the latest and greatest of characters, it’s nice to know I am skilled in knowledge and logic.

startreck character

Which Star Trek Character are you?