How to Add Windows 7 Computer to Windows Home Server 2011

Just finished installing Aweico’s WakeOnLan add-in for Windows Home Server 2011 and Small Business Server 2011 Essentials (and yes, I bought the Pro Version) so I could wake up my army of computers before I put the coffee on in the morning.

However, I noted one of my Windows 7 Ultimate systems didn’t have the server connected software installed. So, I surfed the web for a bit and found that all posts where telling me to just Open up Internet Explorer and type: http://%5Bservername%5D:55000 – replace [servername] with the name of your server.

After two failed attempts and another yahoo stating to type in \\servername\software, I knew that it just isn’t that hard to do.

So I headed over to Microsoft Download Center and snagged the Windows Server Solutions Find My Server Wizard tool. Downloaded the cab file to the Windows 7 PC I wanted connected to the SERVER.

Open the Cabinet file by double clicking on it. Right click on the FindMyServer.exe and extract it to the desktop.

Once you double click on the FindMyServer.exe the correct path and port will opened up this:

Click on Download software and follow the prompts to install.

Much easier than trying to figure out where the connector software is or what port you should be using.

Oh, and Aweico’s WakeOnLan is a must have!